Welcome to Streamer Wisdom, my name is Tyler; I go by Ti, Tibiryus or Tibi. Honestly, if it has the “T” sound in it, I’ll likely respond. I am the creator of this project but I am by no means the only one behind it.

Depending on why you are here or how you got here, this site will be full of useless or useful knowledge from my 5+ year “career” in streaming and content creation as well as many others that have graciously chosen to contribute. We will make you ONE promise with this site, we don’t know everything but we will try to help and de-confuse (not a word) the world of content creation with how-to’s, talk and whatever else works.

The idea behind this site is to create a repository (ALMOST a wiki) of content creation knowledge and tips. It may not be pretty and it may not be scientific fact but you will get straight answers and you will get help if you need it. Keep in mind, this site is constantly growing and updating so keep checking back for more ideas and content.

Our knowledge covers most platforms like Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, SoundCloud, and DLive. We all have opinions and knowledge from trial and a lot of error but we will attempt to keep our biases off this site as much as we can, unless you ask, then, well, you asked for it.

I have one ask of you, the person that is consuming my content, please leave me feedback or your tips or more importantly share it with someone else that could use it. I appreciate you stopping by.

Thank you…


P.S. – It’s a hashtag (#StreamerWisdom)